Our EPM Services

We provide expert services to support your Oracle Hyperion EPM project planning, implementation and exploitation.

EPM Project Advisory

If you are embarking on, or are already in the process of, running an EPM project or programme, you need good advice.  You need to be made aware of the pitfalls, the challenges, the 'gotchas'.

EPM CFO Advisory

If you are the CFO, or other senior Finance professional, and you are considering, or about to embark on an EPM programme, ask yourself whether you and your senior team have sufficient experience, preferably gained outside your current organisation, to know what's about to hit you.

EPM Quality Assurance

Why Engage our Quality Assurance services? Simple - because we help make the difference between success and failure.  We've been there before - seen it, done it.  A lot of the problems and challenges that your project faces along the way will be similar to those that we've experienced already.

EPM Architecture Guidance

We understand EPM solutions from an IT as well as a Finance perspective.  We typically find ourselves playing 'translator' and supporting both functions in a collaborative relationship to ensure successful delivery of an EPM project/programme.

EPM Roadmap

Whether you are at the start of your EPM journey, are considering adding to or upgrading your existing EPM system (or systems), or have a long wish-list of things you know (or think) you could/should be doing better, it is essential that you plan a clear route from here to there - an EPM Roadmap.

EPM Expert Resourcing

We are a small team of experts in our field.  As well as providing a range of advisory services, we can also provide specific expert technical or functional consultants, on a short- or long- term, full or part-time basis.

HFM Performance Review

We offer a highly flexible service to undertake a performance review of your existing HFM implementation, and in particular to analyse the detailed performance of the rules in the context of the overall application design.

Who's behind epmgurus?

Nigel Dahl

Nigel Dahl,

Managing Director of epmgurus, brings 30 years of diverse experience to bear in helping organisations and teams through change – of size, structure, systems, management or ownership.

Nigel has run, advised, supported or worked with Finance functions from one-person operations up to globally dispersed Finance departments of several thousand people. He knows what good (and bad!) looks like.

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What is EPM?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a broad term covering any business process that seeks to improve performance through a continuous loop of data collection, reporting, analysis and, most importantly, informed and targeted action.

In practice, Finance EPM is generally considered to cover at least Strategic, Financial and Operational Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Management Reporting (MI), Financial Consolidation, Statutory Reporting, Profitability and Cost Management, including Cost Allocation.