Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (to give it it's current full title), commonly known as HFM, is the leading Financial Consolidation application used by groups of various sizes upto and including some of the largest organisations on the planet.

Compared with some of the competing alternatives, it is the most flexible to implement.  However, this flexibility does bring with it certain implementation challenges.  The core of an HFM application is its rules - these are written in code.  It is possible to make HFM do almost anything - it is also possible to make a horrible mess and ensure that what it does, it does way too slowly.  For small HFM implementations, non-performant rules code may not be particularly noticeable and so won't matter much - but for any significant HFM application, and especially for some of the largest, poorly written rules matter hugely - the knock-on impacts of poor performance affect everything.

At epmgurus we have vast experience designing, implementing and, occasionally, fixing some of the largest HFM applications in existence, with thousands of legal entities and, in some cases, thousands of users spread across almost every time zone.  We offer a tailored service to undertake a comprehensive Performance Review of your existing HFM application.

We have experienced the challenges and pitfalls of setting up HFM to deal with consolidated Management Reporting as well as Statutory Reporting (in the same application), with all the cultural, organisational, process and reconciliation issues that this entails.

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Who's behind epmgurus?

Nigel Dahl

Nigel Dahl,

Managing Director of epmgurus, brings 30 years of diverse experience to bear in helping organisations and teams through change – of size, structure, systems, management or ownership.

Nigel has run, advised, supported or worked with Finance functions from one-person operations up to globally dispersed Finance departments of several thousand people. He knows what good (and bad!) looks like.

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What is EPM?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a broad term covering any business process that seeks to improve performance through a continuous loop of data collection, reporting, analysis and, most importantly, informed and targeted action.

In practice, Finance EPM is generally considered to cover at least Strategic, Financial and Operational Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Management Reporting (MI), Financial Consolidation, Statutory Reporting, Profitability and Cost Management, including Cost Allocation.