EPM Expert Resourcing

We are a small team of experts in our field.  As well as providing a range of advisory services, we can also provide specific expert technical or functional consultants, on a short- or long- term, full or part-time basis.

We are independent - we recognise that we're never going to fill all the roles that you might need to complete a properly managed EPM implementation, so we work in collaboration with you and your existing resource suppliers.

In almost all cases, if we are supplying one or more resources to work on a programme, we will insist on supporting that with appropriate advisory services at Programme Board level.  This helps to ensure that our on-the-ground knowledge and expertise is leveraged properly to help you get the best possible value from our experience.  It also helps to ensure that our consultants get to leverage the accumulated wisdom and experience of the rest of our team behind the scenes.

This can all take a bit of advanced planning - given our flexible ways of working, and the demand for some of our peoples' skills, we can't always guarantee to have exactly what/who you need available at short notice - but given enough flexibility and pragmatism on both sides, we can usually work out something that satisfies the need.

If it sounds like we're speaking your language, Please contact Nigel Dahl through LinkedIn using the button below, or call him now on +44 (0)7799 664165.

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Who's behind epmgurus?

Nigel Dahl

Nigel Dahl,

Managing Director of epmgurus, brings 30 years of diverse experience to bear in helping organisations and teams through change – of size, structure, systems, management or ownership.

Nigel has run, advised, supported or worked with Finance functions from one-person operations up to globally dispersed Finance departments of several thousand people. He knows what good (and bad!) looks like.

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What is EPM?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a broad term covering any business process that seeks to improve performance through a continuous loop of data collection, reporting, analysis and, most importantly, informed and targeted action.

In practice, Finance EPM is generally considered to cover at least Strategic, Financial and Operational Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Management Reporting (MI), Financial Consolidation, Statutory Reporting, Profitability and Cost Management, including Cost Allocation.