EPM CFO Advisory

If you are the CFO, or other senior Finance professional, and you are considering, or about to embark on an EPM programme, ask yourself whether you and your senior team have sufficient experience, preferably gained outside your current organisation, to know what's about to hit you.

Before starting a programme that is going to bring significant change to people, processes and systems throughout your Finance department and beyond, it is worth taking the relatively small time and effort to step outside of the day-to-day detail and look at the whole situation, and the journey ahead, with the input and guidance of someone who's been there and done it before.

Discussion Topics

Most of the topics for discussion are not about the technology (we save that for the IT department, unless you're really interested).  They're more about functional, cultural, organisational and control issues.  Conversation can end up covering any combination of the following, or lead wherever else it needs to:

  • The role of the Finance department
  • Cultural and organisational issues between Head Office and divisions / branches / countries
  • Integration of operational metrics with financial management reporting
  • The planning process - relationship between Strategic, Financial and Operational planning
  • Financial reporting, including co-ordination of statutory and management reporting, technology challenges around consolidation, commentary management, master data management and close process
  • Specifics about how EPM projects/programmes work, including the relationship between Finance and IT; business requirements gathering risk; rate of change; data reconciliation; post go-live enhancement, support and benefits realisation

How We Can Help

We can provide that expert input and can work with you however you see fit.  This may involve any or all of the following:

  • One-to-one meetings with yourself and/or key members of your team
  • One-day workshop for you and your team, preferably off-site
  • Providing Architecture Guidance to your IT function
  • Helping to set out an EPM Roadmap for your organisation
  • Assisting with the Programme planning
  • Advising the Programme Board on an ongoing basis
  • Providing tailored expert resources to supplement your main IT providers' personnel and your own Subject Matter Experts from within your Finance team

If it sounds like we're speaking your language, Please contact Nigel Dahl through LinkedIn using the button below, or call him now on +44 (0)7799 664165.

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Who's behind epmgurus?

Nigel Dahl

Nigel Dahl,

Managing Director of epmgurus, brings 30 years of diverse experience to bear in helping organisations and teams through change – of size, structure, systems, management or ownership.

Nigel has run, advised, supported or worked with Finance functions from one-person operations up to globally dispersed Finance departments of several thousand people. He knows what good (and bad!) looks like.

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What is EPM?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a broad term covering any business process that seeks to improve performance through a continuous loop of data collection, reporting, analysis and, most importantly, informed and targeted action.

In practice, Finance EPM is generally considered to cover at least Strategic, Financial and Operational Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Management Reporting (MI), Financial Consolidation, Statutory Reporting, Profitability and Cost Management, including Cost Allocation.